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Our goal is it to obtain new technologies easily understandably. For this it is necessary that our training equipment on the newest state of the art is. On this side we present selection of our training equipment to you.
Apple-Training-Computers  Apple-Training-Computers Windows-Training-Computers  Windows-Training-Computers Training devices  Training devices
  • PowerBooks
  • G4 / G5 Macs

  • Mac-OS 9
  • Mac-OS X

    In workshops additional desctop-computers are used which are connected by a network and where the participants can practice.
  • Windows-Training-ComputersNotebooks equipped with::
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Windows 2000/2003 servers,

    equipped with::
  • 10/100 BaseT-network or WirelessLan,
    extern mouses

    In workshops additional desctop-computers are used where the participants can practice.

  • Training devicesPrints are produced on ink-jet printers or laser printers.

    For the presentation of the color liability, additional calibratable monitors are used in the trainings and workshops to the topic Color-Management

    Color management software  Color management software Chromatometer PDF-Software and Acrobat-Plug-Ins  PDF-Software and Acrobat-Plug-Ins
    Color management softwareOur computers are equipped with the software necessary for the trainings and Workshops.
    To it z. B belong.
  • Adobe of programs,
  • QuarkXPress,
  • Freehand,
  • Ms Office and

    Color Managenent software e.g. of
  • Agfa,
  • BasICColor,
  • Bestcolor
  • EFI
  • GMG
  • Heidelberg,
  • GretagMacbeth,
  • Kodak,
  • ONYX,
  • Post office jet and
  • X-Rite.

  • Chromatometer Several spectral photometer and densitometer which are necessary for optimal working with Color-Management are used in our trainings. We use devices of different producers to give you an overview of the products available on the market.
    Adobe Acrobat is the base for the use of PDF. Additionally there are many useful and helpful Plug-Ins as well as self-contained programs with which the use of PDF can be optimized.
    Application Software  Application Software Mode of presentation  Mode of presentation Network  Network
    In our trainings and software we are working with a 10/100 BaseT-network to which up to 16 terminals can be connected.

    Mode of presentationOur presentations are demonstrated with video-data projecotors to which two computers can be connected. For sales training a video equipment is at your disposal. Digital cameras, screens, flipchart and moderation media are also part of our extensive training-equipment.

    NetworkIn our trainings and workshops we are working with a 10/100 BaseT-network to which up to 16 terminals can be connected.

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