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The operational principle of the human eye as well as the interaction between light and substance are the basis, in order to understand the order system of the color. By means of simple aids the bases of chromatics are described. Colors, emotions and moods frequently play a large role, which we notice unconsciously. Just think about your favorite color or about the color you wouldn’t prefer.
Bases of chromatics
Content Target
  • light and substance
  • function of the eye
  • bases of chromatics
  • additive color mixture
  • subtractive color mixture
  • defing colors
  • measuring of colors
  • functionality of conventional prints
  • learn the composition of colors
  • cognition of the influence factors of colors
  • evaluation of colors
  • evaluate colors in the printing process
  • learn the physical fundaments of colors

  • Target group Previous knowledge
  • Beginners into digital image processing
  • Beginners in the sales department of color prints and copy systems
  • Colors users, who require the structure of chromatics
  • Mac-OS and Windows users
  • For this training no previous knowledge is required
    Hand-out Date and place
    All participants will receive an extensive documentation over the training contents.
    We offer this training as an open training and/or for customers with appropriate number of participants also as a closed training.
    You can find the dates of our open trainings in our date-data base.

    Duration Costs
    1/2 day
    175,00 Euro plus value-added tax

    These costs cover beverages during the conferences and breaks beside the actual training unit.

    The registration is effected by our online-registration form.

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