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When using „color“ at your PC or MAC Color Management (CM) is often used without the user is conscious about it. Color Management means the adaption and conversion of different color systems and color areas depending on the operating system and the application program. The corresponding processes base on a standard which is defined by the “International Color Consortium” (ICC). The standard describes how to save propeties of scanners, digital cameras, monitors and printing systems are measured and saved in so-called “profiles”.

The concerted use of CM enables obtaining optimal color results trans-sectoral. By the unification of working steps at the application of CM, the effort of time in handling color dates is reduced considerably. Pre-condition for this is the basic understanding of the functionality of CM as well as the knowledge of limits and possibilities.

In the training “CM for beginners” you learn the basics of Color Management as well as the creation and application of color profiles. It is described how to configure Adobe Photoshop, to obtain optimal results for different demands.
Color-Management for beginners
Content Target
  • structure of Color-Management
  • functions of Color-Management
  • handling of RGB-data
  • handling of CMYK-data
  • Color-Management in Mac-OS and Windows
  • application of Color-Management
  • creation of color profiles for in- and output devices
  • handling color data according to ISO 12647
  • control of result
  • Photoshop and Color-Management
  • Practical examples
  • getting to know the advances of CM
  • learning the function of CM
  • learning the functionality of CM
  • getting to know the application programs
  • learning how CM is working in the operating systems
  • learning how to create color profiles
  • learning the handling of color in Photoshop
  • fit for ISO

  • Target group Previous knowledge
  • beginners and all users of CM
  • digital printers
  • service provider of the graphic branch
  • designers and layouters
  • photo labors
  • Mac-OS and Windows users
  • everybody who wants to obtain perfect color results

  • Hand-out Date and place

    Duration Costs
    1/2 day

    The registration is effected by our online-registration form.

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