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Today’s office work is unthinkable without Mac or PC. Color assumed a very importand position in preparing text pages, evaluations or presentation Very often the draft on the monitor diverge from the print and consequently do not accomplish the desired expectation In order to produce the desired color datas also in office work, it is necessary to have an optimal approach with these datas.The picture p.e. from ditial cameras or scanners often satisfy the expectation. The additional use of Color-Management leads to an evident qualtiy increase. Windows and Mac-OS support, by the operation system, the color management and works with a uniform color space which have to be adusted to the color datas of ditigal cameras or scanners. Different graphic cards and monitors produce in team-work an image on the screen which looks different from from system to system. In order to produce uniform results on more computers or monitors, a calibration of the monitors and subsequently a profiling is unavoidable. Most printers offer for color copies different possibilities of configuration, which lead to different results through different change of the color datas. The use of global color profile is only an approach to an optimal quality. The condition in order to obtain a constantly high quality for a longer period of time, is to produce an individual color profile. In this way it is guaranteed that color datas, printing also on different printers lead to an uniform outward appearance.
During this training you will learn how to photograph and scan picture for the work in office, how to use them in office programs and how to calibrate and profile it for monitors. To obtain an optimal copy you will learn how color profile are produced for printer and how to install them. For users how want to obtain the best print quality but are not equipped with a color-management sofware we offer the as a service the possibitliy to produce color profiles.

Color-Management in offices
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