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Photo datas in the ditigal photography are produced in RGB-color size. These RGB-color datas can arrive from a digital camera or from the scan by a scanner. Each scanner has a different color space who has to be measured in order to record in detail the color informations. The same for digital cameras, where in addition dfifferent surroundings condition have to be considered. The printer specific RGB-color values have to be handled differently in the photo production p.e. with photoshop. For an easy handling of the datas, it is advisable to convert them in a uniform RGB-work color space. To be able to evaluate and adapt the photos on the screen the monitor settings have to be optimised, the color characteristics of the monitor have to be measured and stored in a profile. For the approach with color profiles p.e. photoshop a correct configuraton of the program settings is necessary. The printing of datas are often made as CMYK for which a color conversion has to to carried-out. The color space of a printer depends from the applied technology, ink and paper. For these different print conditions the guarantee for optimal and high quality color prints is the measurement of the color characteristics and producing the color profile.
Color-Management for photographers
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