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After the organization production is the link to printing. For the printing data must be prepared in such
a way that they can be processed error free and without any incidents. The interaction of several work
stations in the production is the condition for an efficient workflow. Fine data that are merged with the
formation and colors that are applied must be as aligned to the used printing process, as to the work
procedures between the individual work stations.

For an error free data transfer between the individual work stations, an exact definition of the data
transfer or the use of a uniform standard is the guarantor for error free works. The employment of
process software can take over a lot of work and save time as well as costs.

With our training row Production we offer special trainings for Color-Management and PDF, in
which for freelancers and small agencies we show how they can prepare final data. For medium-
size and larger agencies, print preliminary stages up to print shops the trainings offer the
possibility to produce final data, examine and issue it. The entire procedure will be described
step by step and how it can be automated by smaller and comfortable software solutions.

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