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... learn our know-how in your own facilities

Would you like to bring your marketing department, agency, graphics department, printing
preliminary stage or print shop up to date for the handling with color and PDF?
At this it is important that all coworkers achieve the same state of knowledge.

We offer our open trainings in different combinations, and implement these in your
premises. Works are played through at your computers with practical data. Necessary
configurations on your programs will be performed directly at the computers or we
provide and install you finished configurations. Hereby you will be able to immediately
apply the gained knowledge after the training.

Dates for our in-House-trainings are arranged after coordination. Select the package
that suits you the best and click on "Register". A new window is opened where you
can enter two or three dates that you wish. We will then contact you, in order
to coordinate the definite date.

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